16.02.2009 : Pre-Order for the next two Releases
Hi there. To long silence due a few personal problems. But i am back with some good news. David Taggs 3" and Pacta's full length are now both up for pre-order. They will ship on the 6.th of March. There is quiet a twist with the Pacta pre-order. There will be 50 Copies that are specially made for this pre-order. They will come on a red cd-r with a different design of the artwork. Those Copies are hand numbered and just available for those who pre-order. If you order them together with the David Tagg 3" you can save the shipping for it. Pictures of the Artworks and Sound Samples are online.
15.01.2009 : Pacta - The Hidden Hand
This is how Pacta's new Album will be titled. 9 Tracks of gorgeous Guitar Melodies mixed with delicate glitchy manipulations. Already love this Album. I expect to release it in mid February. Artwork is almost finished. Its going to be a Digipack just like the Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen CD was one. Guess that will look really great. I will do a pre-order on this one, so as usually you can safe some money with the shipping when you pre-order.
29.12.2008 : New Release Announcement
Good News. Waterscape will release the latest Album from Pacta which is also known as C-J Larsgarden. His Soundworlds could be described as a Mix of gentle Acoustic Guitar Melodies and soft Swarms of delightful Bliss with a few Clicks and Cuts here and there. Maybe a few have listened to Oren Ambarchis "In The Pendulum's Embrace". Its kind of in the style of "Trailing Moss In Mystic Glow". Make sure you also check out his current Album called "Fragments". Its a wonderful Piece of Music. Highly recommended to all People that found their Love in the Sonic Waveforms of Christopher Willits or Alva Noto. More News about that release are about to come in the beginning of 2009.
31.10.2008 : New Release available for pre-ordering
Hi Guys. Good News. You can now pre-order the new Waterscape Release Satumaa by Wouter Veldhuis. Satumaa is Wouter's first Release and he can be damn proud about it. This one is in my cd-player while i am falling into sleep every night for almost 3 months now. Make sure you go to the Release Page of Satumaa and listen to those wonderful sound samples i have put up for you. I am sure you will enjoy them. Release Date for this is the 14.th of November. I will make sure that everyone who pre-orders will get it for a special price, which means no shipping.
27.08.2008 : Upcoming Mp3 Store
Hi there. I hope all of you who pre-ordered the last releases received them and you are satisfied with them. Once again a big sorry for the delay but i am operating here all by myself and sometimes things get a bit messy and out of control. But i do have good news for all of you. I am currently working on an mp3 store solution for waterscape, which means that you will get the chance to buy the future releases as high quality mp3's with artwork. The bitrate would be 320 kbit/s and the artwork would be at least 200-300dpi. This will happen in the next few months when everything runs clean. Payment would be as always accepted via paypal. Not sure about the pricing though. We will see and i will try to update you asap.
30.07.2008 : Updates for the Sean Reardon Release
Hello Guys. As you might noticed the last 3 releases are quiet delayed and i am really sorry for that. The printing company messed up the artworks for all 3 so i had to go for a different company. The results look marvelous and i want to share them with you. Click here to see a preview of the Sean Reardon Disc. The 3 new releases will be available by the end of the next week.
27.06.2008 : [WS08] & [WS09] Release Date
Hi there. Just a short infomation for all of the Apalusa and Peter Wright Fans out there. These 2 Releases will be officialy out in 2 Week (11.07). I will post the sound samples this weekend. Due the huge interest, i will also start a pre-order phase for Peter Wrights new Release, since i can't tell how long this one will last. So from the 30.06 i will also take pre-orders for Peter Wrights Disc. Expect that this one will be sold out pretty quick, so act fast if you want a Copy.
25.06.2008 : Infos about "A Collection of Origins"
Quiet a while since the last update. But i am back with good news. Finished the artwork for Sean Reardon's Release on Waterscape. I also posted a few Samples for this wonderful album. I will do a pre-order phase for this one, which means that the first 50 People who pre-order will get a businesscard cd-r titled "Unoriginated" with an almost 4 min Outtake from "A Collection of Origins". This one will be limited to of course 50 Copies and will come with a similar design in a businesscard sleeve. It looks lovely, trust me. I will post pictures of that one as soon as i get the final product. Pre Orders will be accepted from 30.06 till the first 50 Copies are gone and this will be quiet fast. Official release is scheduled for 21.07.