Apalusa is the alter ego of Nottingham based musician Dan Layton. When not making loud noises with avant-rock band Souvaris, Dan can be found exploring the more serene and abstract corners of experimental guitar music. As a project that began life simply as a bit of fun, Apalusa has now become a more serious concern.

The music of Apalusa is based around processed guitars, piano, static and noise loops and attempts to create drifting, somnambulant tones and atmospheres; a soundtrack to the point between wakefulness and sleep.

“Live From The Dry Valleys” is the third Apalusa release and was recorded exclusively for Waterscape. It follows on from the warmly received Low Point Records releases “Small Environs” and “Wires and Knives”, both from 2007. Comparisons have been made to Tim Hecker, Birchville Cat Motel, Paul Kantner and Stars Of The Lid while Byron Coley, writing for The Wire, said of “Small Environs”: “…imagine a rocket ship packed with little babies, heading for a paradise planet where the pot grows like trees”.

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Small Environs (Lowpoint | CDr | 2007)

Wires and Knifes (Lowpoint | CDr | 2007)

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Live From The Dry Valleys (tba)