Light Of Shipwreck

Light of Shipwreck is Ben Fleury-Steiner's guitar-noise-drone alter
ego. The project is described by Ryan Loostrom of ezine
as "succeeding in evoking some of the wildest images that few drone
bands can accomplish . . . Akin to monks that shut themselves off from
any sort of contact for years to unlock metaphysical powers of the
mind, that's what you hear --- supreme isolation forcing a pristine
mentality. The dry and lonely exile that hints at a human ability to
search itself rather than everything else."

In addition to Light of Shipwreck, Fleury-Steiner has released more than 15 works on labels from all over the world (i.e., Mystery Sea, Taalem, Kikapu) under his
own name, Paradin, eneg, and Tin Moth's Breath and he runs Gears of
Sand Recordings, an experimental ambient label that has issued more
than 30 releases from artists all over the world.

:: Discography ::

From the Idle Cylinders as Light Of Shipwreck (Crucial Blast Records | 2007)

What the Night Leaves Behind collaboration with Matt Borghi as Ben
(Gears of Sand | 2007)

Second Week of the Second Month collaboration with Aidan Baker as
Ben Fleury-Steiner
(Kikapu | 2007)

As a Means through Which I Can Speak as Ben Fleury-Steiner (Gears of Sand | 2007)

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Through The Bilge Lies A Calm And Bloodless Sea (tba)