Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley is a composer from the UK who captures recordings from numerous sources and transforms them into rich, drifting, sonorous music. Exploring the different details of these sounds, the resulting music is often far removed from its original source but still retains a natural sense and human feel.

He has released a number of acclaimed CDs both solo and with collaborators that have included Maja Elliott (Current 93), Colin Potter, Andrew Liles, Monos, Darren Tate and David Wells. As well as having releases on labels such as Plinkity Plonk, Alluvial Recordings and ICR, Paul runs 'Twenty Hertz', a label that has issued several of his own recordings along side CDs from the likes of Keith Berry and Tate & Liles. In addition to Twenty Hertz Paul also runs the 'edition sonoro' label which was started on 1st Jan 2007.

:: Discography ::

Horizon (Twenty Hertz Digital | 2007)

Chroma (Twenty Hertz | 2007)

pastandpresentcollide (Shining Day | 2006)

Sketches from Dust (Twenty Hertz | 2006)

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