True Color of Blood

It's time to take your musical pre- (and mis-) conceptions and check them at the door. Form, melody, rhythm, chords: these words represent nothing but rules, barriers and walls which only serve to limit the places where "music" can exist or reach towards. Eric Kesner couldn't care less about anyone's predetermined ideas about what music is or should be. True Colour Of Blood's music can best be described as "Ambient" or "Dark Ambient" but manages to break even the rules (if there are any such thing) of those genres by making music with only guitars instead of the usual array of synths and samplers.

True Colour Of Blood is the brainchild of Eric Kesner. "I started recording as True Colour Of Blood in early 1997. Using only guitar, drum programming, tape manipulation and a 4 track. I haven't used any keyboards because I feel that I can get a more interesting sound out of a guitar. I also find it to be more of a challenge to get the sounds I want from a guitar. Let's be honest, anyone can get atmospheric, ambient soundscapes out of a keyboard. I've been playing guitar for over twenty-five years and I would feel like I was cheating if I used a keyboard, it's too easy. It feels more pure to me to use guitar."

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(absence) (Eibon Records/Afe Records | 2003)

The Significance Of Secrecy (Afe Records | 2001)

Awakened. To Never Sleep Again (Soulworm Editions | 2001)

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The Cave of Knowledge (tba)