Jason Sloan

jason.sloan is a artist working from Baltimore, Md. His work explores various aspects of spirituality and it's connection to life, death, memory, religion and our transitory time on earth. Through his performances, installations, audio environments, video work, network actions and sound recordings, he examines the need for transcendence beyond the body through a vehicle of visual ritual and aural stimulation. With this dialog, Sloan feels an urgency to evoke a collective experience between the viewer, listener and artist that can bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical world. The focus of this transcendence is not to conform to any current religious trends or beliefs, but to take a non-dogmatic approach of artistic and intellectual inquiry that explores the basic human need for some type of spiritual alignment or wholeness.

:: Discography ::

live @ sight.sound [interaction] 1.0 ( 2007)

field 51 10' 48.213 // -1 49' 37.7176 ( 2007)

blister.dust e.p. (2006 | out of print)

hymns for the (2006)

a white, bleeding silence (2004)

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STATIC [thelema.dawning] (tba)