Taiga Remains

Taiga Remains is Alex Cobb, owner of Students of Decay Records. Cobb's work focuses primarily upon lush, shifting overtones which are drawn from both acoustic and electric sources.

Taiga Remains records generally fall into one of two camps: either obsessively detailed, loud overtone drones from acoustic-electric sources or wistful, nostalgic ghost chorals wrung from electric guitars and electronics.

:: Discography ::

The Sad Marvels (Digitalis, 2007)

Taiga Remains / Heavy Winged split LP (Not Not Fun, 2007)

Glass Estuary (Monorail Trespassing, 2007)

Unfamiliar Sphere, Thin As Light (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2007)

Beehive Sutra (Tone Filth, 2007)

Crushed Radiant Deities (Students of Decay, 2007)

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Descend From Ivory Cliffs (tba)