Seconds in Formaldehyde is the Guitar Drone Project of Martin Fuhs who is also the Man behind Waterscape Records. During the last two Years he has releases several cd-r's on Labels like Gears of Sand in America, Umbra in Italy, Suggestion Records in Germany and Tosom in Germany. He also was part of the "The Threshold of Silence" Compilation that was released by Gianluigi Gasparetti formaly known as Oophoi.

As Seconds in Formaldehyde, Martin Fuhs employs the pure sound of the guitar to create captivating, droney atmospheres. His somewhat dark monicker is actually an inspiring metaphor for the building of notes, harmonics, and chords structures that form the living and breathing sonic entity that is SiF.

:: Discography ::

Suddenly Silence burst my Ear (Cd-r on Tosom | 2007)

II (Cd-r on Gears of Sand | 2007)

Inaudible (Cd-r on Suggestion-Records | 2007)

The Red Sky That Was Filled With Gloom (Cd-r on Umbra | 2006)

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