Taiga Remains | Descend from Ivory Cliffs

total time: 22:46

produced & composed by alex cobb


coverart by martin fuhs
release date: february 29, 2008
limited edition of 100 copies
format: cd-r stereo
waterscape 005.2008 ©

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Taiga Remains is Alex Cobb who is also the man behind the Students of Decay Label in America. Descend from Ivory Cliffs is a almost 23 min drone-epic that mixes some of the most beautiful melodies that your ear has ever listened to. But Cobb does not just rely on this abilities to create warm and cozy soundscapes. During the track it appears that Cobb is also a fan of softer noise. Imagine yourself in front of this huge cliff, as you slowly crawl over the edge. Your blinded by the bright sunlight that hurts your eyes in some kind of a positive way and immediately tears of joy run down your check. This is what makes "Descend from
Ivory Cliffs" to one of the most breathtaking moments in drone history.

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